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kompensoi pakkauslaatikoiden Co2-päästöt istuttamalla puita suomeen

FTA compensates for their packages’ CO2 emissions by planting trees in Finland!

Congratulations! You have selected a product whose packaging is carbon neutral.

Corrugated and regular cardboard are principally ecological packaging materials. They contain plenty of recycled fibre and are 100% recyclable. Even so, collection, pre-processing, production and logistics related to these materials create emissions that burden nature.

Our CO2 neutral packaging is a cooperative project between, and SYKLI Environmental College, in which the lifetime emissions of a packaging are calculated and fully compensated for by planting trees in Finland.

Carbon footprint calculations and compensation includes a packaging’s entire life cycle from cradle to the grave, including materials acquisition, pre-processing, production, logistics and end-use.

Consumers also carry a large responsibility; packaging must be recycled correctly in order to reuse its materials.

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521kg compensated CO2e emissions so far

FTA has compensated for its packages’ entire life cycle by planting trees in Finland.

What are the calculations based on?


FTA™ sells curated vintage clothing that is sourced from all over the world and aims to offer a unisex selection that is relevant to the latest fashion trends.

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What’s being compensated?

Päästöjen jakautuminen tyypillisessä aaltopahvilaatikkotilauksessa

Emission distribution in a typical corrugated cardboard order

What are the calculations based on?

Why plant trees?

According to latest research data, planting trees is the best individual method of combating climate change. The principal idea of forestation are carbon sinks, which store carbon. As carbon is released into the atmosphere, its natural circulation shares the carbon into the air, the oceans and plant coverage. The problem lies in that carbon is stored less and less into oceans and plant coverage, and more into the atmosphere. This makes carbon sinks so important – they alleviate the greenhouse effect by storing carbon dioxide making less of it release into the atmosphere.

Each tree is meaningful. Small streams converge into a large river and individual trees create a forest. One good deed can lead to many more. By succeeding in changing ours and our group’s attitude, the effects will reach into political decision-making. This in turn leads to changes on a national level and eventually on a global scale. Every act is important!

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Do you want your company to have CO2 neutral packaging and communicate that to your customers?

Packaging greatly impacts customer behaviour. Emission compensated packaging is a tangible and data-based way to protect nature and can be utilized as part of a company’s overall responsibleness and reporting. Compensation is highlighted in the packaging’s looks, resonating positively with consumers and boosting sales.

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